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Today OCTOBER 6TH, 1985-A tropical wave, later to become Tropical Storm Isabel, struck Puerto Rico. As much as 24 inches of rain fell in 24 hours, and the severe flooding and numerous landslides resulting from the rain claimed about 180 lives.
OCTOBER 6TH, 1836-A second early season snowstorm produced eleven inches at Wilkes Barre PA and 26 inches at Auburn NY. All the mountains in the northeastern U.S. were whitened with snow.
Oct 05 OCTOBER 5TH, 1638-The journal of John Winthrop recorded that a mighty tempest struck eastern New England. This second severe hurricane in three years blew down many trees in mile long tracks.
OCTOBER 5TH, 1786-The famous "Pumpkin Flood" occurred on the Delaware and Susquehanna Rivers. Harrisburg PA reported a river stage of twenty-two feet. The heavy rains culminated a wet season.
Oct 04 OCTOBER 4TH, 1777-The Battle of Germantown was fought in a morning fog that grew more dense with the smoke of battle, causing great confusion. Americans firing at each other contributed to the loss of the battle.
OCTOBER 4TH, 1869-A great storm struck New England. The storm reportedly was predicted twelve months in advance by a British officer named Saxby. Heavy rains and high floods plagued all of New England, with strong winds and high tides over New Hampshire and Maine. Canton CT was deluged with 12.35 inches of rain.
Oct 03 OCTOBER 3RD, 1964-Hurricane Hilda struck Louisiana spawning many tornadoes, and claimed twenty-two lives.
OCTOBER 3RD, 1841-An October gale, the worst of record for Nantucket MA, caught the Cap Cod fishing fleet at sea. Forty ships were driven ashore on Cape Cod, and 57 men perished from the town of Truro alone. Heavy snow fell inland, with 18 inches near Middletown CT.
Oct 02 OCTOBER 2ND, 1882-An early season windstorm over Oregon and northern California blew down thousands of trees and caused great crop damage in the Sacramento Valley.
OCTOBER 2ND, 1898-A hurricane struck the Georgia coast washing away Campbell Island.
Oct 01 OCTOBER 1ST, 1752-The second severe hurricane in two weeks hit the Carolinas. The Onslow County Courthouse was destroyed along with all its records, and Beacon Island disappeared.
OCTOBER 1ST, 1893-The storm surge of a hurricane traveling from the Gulf of Mexico submerges the Louisiana bayou country where 2,000 are killed within two days. On the same day, in 1752, the Carolinas are hammered by a second hurricane arriving within two weeks that destroys the Onslow County courthouse and causes Beacon Island to vanish.
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