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Type Flood Warning

Flood Statement

Issued By NWS Field Office
Issuing Time Mon, 29 Jun 2015 11:14:00 PDT
Broadcast Time Mon, 29 Jun 2015 11:14:00 PDT
Valid Until Wed, 08 Jul 2015 01:24:00 PDT
Brief Description Flood Warning
Detailed Description The flood warning continues for the following river in Illinois and Missouri. Mississippi River at Canton LD20 Quincy Quincy LD21 Hannibal Saverton LD22 Louisiana Clarksville LD24 Winfield LD25 Grafton Alton LD26 St Louis Chester .This flood warning is a result of recent heavy rain. The Flood Warning continues for the Mississippi River at Winfield LD25 * At 12:30 PM Monday the stage was 34.4 feet. * Flood stage is 26.0 feet. * Major flooding is occurring and Major flooding is forecast. * Forecast: The river is near crest and will begin falling tonight. The river will fall below flood stage Tuesday morning. * Impact: At 34.0 feet. This is the level of the levee protection for Winfield. * Impact: At 33.5 feet. Near this height, the office building and storage building of Kimaterials, a sand and gravel company on Highway 79 between Winfield and Old Monroe, begins flooding. Also, the Corps has not kept Lock 25 open above this height. * Impact: At 32.9 feet. Route N is closed from Highway 79 at Winfield to where state maintenance ends. * Impact: At 30.0 feet. The Golden Eagle Ferry will likely close near this level. Lakeshore Drive in northern St. Charles County becomes impassable near this level. * Impact: At 29.3 feet. The following roads in northern St. Charles County close near this level: Peruque Creek Road near Highway 79, Dalbow Road near Highway 79, and Firma Road. * Impact: At 29.2 feet. Lakeview Road in northeastern St. Charles County is closed north of the railroad tracks. Also, Highway C between Highway B and Silvers Road will be closed near this height. * Impact: At 29.0 feet. Route 96 at Mozier Landing closes. * Impact: At 28.5 feet. Much of County Highways B and C in eastern St. Charles County are flooded. * Impact: At 27.5 feet. At this stage, Lock and Dam 25 will stockpile 200 tons of sand, 12,000 sandbags, and 10,000 square feet of polyethyline plastic as a precaution. * Impact: At 26.0 feet. Flood Stage. Highway B in eastern St. Charles County floods near the Dardenne Creek bridge. && Fld Latest 7 a.m. Forecast LOCATION Stg Obs Stg 06/30 07/01 07/02 07/03 07/04 Mississippi River Winfield LD25 26.0 34.36 34.1 33.4 32.7 31.8 30.6 &&
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