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Type Hydrologic Outlook

Issued By NWS Field Office
Issuing Time Tue, 26 Apr 2016 18:50:00 PDT
Broadcast Time Tue, 26 Apr 2016 18:50:00 PDT
Valid Until Tue, 03 May 2016 23:00:00 PDT
Brief Description Hydrologic Outlook
Detailed Description A HYDROLOGIC OUTLOOK IS NO LONGER IN EFFECT FOR THE. . Missouri River near Napoleon. Waverly. Miami The hydrologic outlook is no longer in effect. as the affected locations have been upgraded to a Flood Warning. Additional weather and stream information is available at www.weather.gov/kc/.
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Region Alert
West Virginia Severe Thunderstorm Warning
North Carolina Severe Thunderstorm Warning (5)
Virginia Severe Thunderstorm Warning (2)
Tennessee Severe Thunderstorm Warning
South Carolina Severe Thunderstorm Warning
Kentucky Flash Flood Warning (3)
West Virginia Flash Flood Warning
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Kentucky Urban and Small Stream Flood Advisory (2)
Kentucky,North Carolina,Tennessee,Virginia,West Virginia Severe Local Storm Watch and Areal Outline (15)
Alabama Coastal Flood Warning, Watch, or Statement (3)
Florida Coastal Flood Warning, Watch, or Statement (6)
Texas Coastal Flood Warning, Watch, or Statement (7)
American Samoa Coastal Flood Warning, Watch, or Statement
California Coastal Flood Warning, Watch, or Statement
Louisiana,Texas Coastal Flood Warning, Watch, or Statement
Missouri Special Weather Statement (2)
Mississippi Special Weather Statement (2)
Illinois Special Weather Statement
Texas Special Weather Statement (7)
Louisiana Special Weather Statement (3)
Indiana Special Weather Statement (2)
West Virginia Special Weather Statement (8)
Kentucky Special Weather Statement (3)
North Carolina Special Weather Statement (10)
Virginia Special Weather Statement (7)
Ohio Special Weather Statement
Tennessee Special Weather Statement
South Carolina Special Weather Statement (4)
Alabama Special Weather Statement (2)
Georgia,South Carolina Special Weather Statement
Texas Flash Flood Watch (5)
Louisiana Flash Flood Watch (7)
Mississippi Flash Flood Watch (4)
Virginia Flash Flood Watch (2)
West Virginia Flash Flood Watch (6)
Kentucky,Ohio,West Virginia,Virginia Flash Flood Watch (4)
Texas Severe Weather Statement (4)
Louisiana Severe Weather Statement
Arkansas Severe Weather Statement
Missouri Severe Weather Statement
Kentucky Severe Weather Statement (3)
Indiana Severe Weather Statement (4)
Virginia Severe Weather Statement (5)
West Virginia Severe Weather Statement (3)
Tennessee Severe Weather Statement (2)
North Carolina Severe Weather Statement (4)
Kentucky Flash Flood Statement (2)
Missouri Flood Statement (80)
Kansas Flood Statement (10)
Iowa Flood Statement (45)
South Dakota Flood Statement (21)
Louisiana Flood Statement (56)
Texas Flood Statement (79)
Illinois Flood Statement (9)
Indiana Flood Statement (12)
Oklahoma Flood Statement (7)
Nebraska Flood Statement (19)
Arkansas Flood Statement (18)
Kentucky Flood Statement (34)
Mississippi Flood Statement (4)
Arizona Flood Statement
North Carolina Flood Statement (2)
South Carolina Flood Statement
Minnesota Red Flag Warning
Arizona Red Flag Warning
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